• MILE Organization Priorities

Our main focus is to address climate-related hazards and promote environmental protection in both urban and rural areas. We strive to raise awareness and build community resilience to issues such as crop failure, human and livestock loss caused by drought, and other climate-related challenges.

To achieve these goals, we collaborate closely with government ministries and partners within the Department of Non-Governmental Organization (DNGO) network. Together, we work towards promoting the planting of drought-resistant trees in both rural and urban areas, as these trees play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of droughts and enhancing the overall resilience of communities.

We also provide essential information and guidance to communities on establishing tree nurseries in community centers, encouraging afforestation efforts. By empowering communities with the necessary knowledge, we aim to foster a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

The organization actively organizes seminars, workshops, and exhibitions targeting youth groups and community leaders. Through these events, we promote environmental protection awareness and encourage active participation in addressing environmental challenges.

As part of our commitment to effective environmental management, we conduct comprehensive evaluations and studies on environmental information management. This includes building our capacity for data analysis and utilizing information effectively. We strive to improve and develop data visualization and presentation techniques, enabling us to communicate vital environmental information more effectively to various stakeholders.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of integrating geographic information systems (GIS) in the field of information management. By utilizing remote sensing technology and GIS, we can enhance our understanding of environmental issues and make informed decisions to better protect communities and their surroundings.

In our efforts to create safer environments, we collaborate with the Directorate of Mine Action (DMA) and the Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency (IKMAA). Together, we educate communities about the risks associated with explosive ordnance and conduct surveys to assess the impact of the mine program on both the environment and the affected communities.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and communities by prioritizing activities that raise awareness, build resilience, promote afforestation, enhance information management, and educate about explosive ordnance risks. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable and safe future for all.